Houston Grand Opera, 1999
Boston Lyric Opera, 2001
Music: Tod Machover

Based on Tolstoy's last novel, Resurrection tells the story of the spiritual awakening of Prince Nekhlyudov, who in his youth seduced a young serving girl, Katerina Maslova. She becomes a prostitute and later, when she is on trial for poisoning a lover, Nekhlyudov is on the jury that unjustly condemns her to prison. The Prince decides he is responsible for the turn her life has taken and becomes obsessed trying to make amends, even following her to Siberia. He devotes his life and his fortune to freeing her. Prefiguring the Russian Revolution, Resurrection is a story of courage and redemption.

"A milestone and a noble achievement" —National Public Radio

[PRODUCTION/PRESS] Photos: Jim Caldwell

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